Acquisition Strategy & Target Screening

M&A REVIEW Webinar Series

Acquisition Strategy & Target Screening

Linking M&A Screening to M&A Performance
March 10, 2021
5:00 PM to 5:45 PM (CEST)
5.00 pm - 5.45 pm
Linking M&A Screening to M&A Performance
Dr. Mai Anh Dao, Co-Founder & CEO MADiscover

Mai Anh Dao earned her doctorate in Strategic Management from Innsbruck University. In research and firm projects Mai Anh investigated value creation processes through acquisitions with a special focus on knowledge and capability creation, capture, and exchange. Amongst others, her research has been honored with the “Outstanding Paper Award” of Group and Organization Management or the Award for Outstanding Achievements of the Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy. Mai Anh is the CEO and co-founder of MADiscover, a digitized screening solution that translates acquirers’ strategy into actionable shortlists.

Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer, Lancaster University Management School & CRO and Co-Founder MADiscover

Florian Bauer is a Professor of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lancaster University, UK. His research interests are in the fields strategic transformation, especially focusing on organizational transformation with non-organic growth strategies such as Mergers & Acquisitions. He investigates these topics from a strategic, organizational and decision-making perspective. His research papers are published/forthcoming in world-leading management journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of World Business, British Journal of Management, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Research, Long Range Planning, Group & Organization Management, International Business Review, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Journal of Business Strategy, Creativity and Innovation Management, Management Decision, and others. 

Currently he is editor of the M&A REVIEW, a German-speaking practitioner oriented journal and has served as a guest-editor for a special issue at R&D Management. As engagement plays an important role for him, he regularly exchanges with executives, consultants, and M&A associations. He was actively involved in various M&A processes and supported firms in developing acquisition strategies and acquisition integration. 

One of the key questions of strategic management of M&A pertains to why some acquirers are successful while others dramatically fail. We contend that target identification is one of the critical aspects in the M&A process determining M&A success. Simply, a strategic fit between acquirer and target offers greater potentials while misfit provides only limited opportunities or even results in value destruction. As such, a broad understanding of targets early on in the screening process is cornerstone of successful M&A. Processing comprehensive information about potential target firms beyond financial KPIs and taking into account various strategic scenarios forms the basis for joint value creation after deal closing.
Largely, acquirers identify or recognize potential target firms in three different patterns – ranging from opportunistically driven (jumping on bandwagons of lacking business succession or imminent liquidity problems of companies), externally driven (proposals by investment banks or consultants), to internally driven (in-house search).
All three approaches come with limitations as well as advantages, and have one element in common: They are managed by humans. While managers are trained to base decisions on comprehensive analysis aiming to be as rational as possible, they face serious cognitive biases in decision-making. The inherent complexity triggers these biases and they might even mutually reinforce each other.
The “Acquisition Strategy & Target Screening” webinar series aims to shed light on the various biases and challenges of target screening from a strategic perspective. Participants benefit from an increased awareness of common pitfalls as well as best practices and examples for value-creating M&A screening.

Who should attend: M&A decision makers from corporates, SMEs, and consultancies
Invited guest-speakers: Multiple guest speakers from research and practice will offer additional insights into and share their experiences with the topic of “Acquisition Strategy & Target Screening”.
Webinar conveners: Dr. Mai Anh Dao (CEO and Co-Founder MADiscover) Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer (CRO and Co-Founder MADiscover)


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